State of Ct Sebac Agreement 2017

The State of Connecticut has recently reached a new agreement with SEBAC, the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition, for the 2017-2027 contract period.

This agreement includes several key provisions for state employees, including wage increases, increased job security, and changes to the state`s healthcare and retirement plans.

Under the new agreement, state employees will receive a 3.5% wage increase in the first year, followed by a 2.5% increase in the following year. In addition, employees with more than five years of service will receive a one-time bonus of $2,000.

To help provide job security for state employees, the agreement includes a “no layoff” clause for the duration of the contract period. This means that state employees can feel more secure in their jobs, knowing that they won`t be subject to layoffs due to budget cuts or other reasons.

The agreement also includes changes to the state`s healthcare and retirement plans. Starting in 2020, state employees will have the option of enrolling in a new state-sponsored healthcare plan that offers more choices and lower costs. In addition, the retirement plan for state employees will be changed to a hybrid plan, which combines traditional pension benefits with a defined contribution plan.

Overall, the new SEBAC agreement for 2017-2027 provides important benefits and protections for state employees in Connecticut. With wage increases, job security, and changes to healthcare and retirement plans, state employees can feel more secure and valued in their jobs.