Special Agreement To

Article 36, paragraph 1 of the statute provides that the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice covers all cases to which the parties relate. Such cases are normally addressed to the Registry by notification of a so-called special agreement, which is concluded by the parties specifically for that purpose2. The subject of the dispute and the parties must be indicated (statutes, Article 40, paragraph 1; Rules, art. 3). 3 With the exception of the 17 cases in footnote 2, which were invoked by the meaning of a particular agreement, all the cases in issue were brought before the Court by an application to open proceedings, whether the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice was based on a provision of a treaty or convention, statements in which the jurisdiction of the Court was recognized as obligatory by each of the litigants or on any other alleged form of consent. “2. States parties to this Statute may at any time declare that they recognize the jurisdiction of the Court as ipso facto`s obligatory and without any special agreement in all disputes relating to a dispute over the meaning or extent of a judgment, with respect to any other state that accepts the same obligation: Article 60 of the statute provides that, in the case of a dispute, if it is the meaning or magnitude of a judgment, it must be interpreted at the request of a party. The request for interpretation may be made either by a particular agreement between the parties or by a request from one or more parties (rules, Section 98)5. The Special Agreements Mechanism allows the most protected provisions of the Geneva Conventions or their additional protocols to be applied in all situations of armed conflict in a manner that is binding on all parties to the conflict. The terms of this agreement are reviewed annually and, if the ITF and the company agree at each other at any time on amendments and/or additions to this agreement, these amendments and additions will be agreed in writing and signed by the parties and considered included in the special agreement. A specific agreement must never weaken the protection provided by the Geneva Conventions. Humanitarian organizations can apply this system to the development of contracts that govern their activities in a given country and which are concluded with the competent authorities of that state. In the case of the Corfu Canal (United Kingdom/Albania), the parties reached a special agreement after the ruling on the provisional objection was issued.